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BuddhaBeard offers the experience and knowledge of an enterprise-level digital agency with the flexibility and personality of a small business team — with less formalities and more seamless harmony.

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Specialists in Digital Marketing

Blending innovative strategies with bespoke web solutions, offering seasoned consulting to navigate the digital landscape with ease.

Strategy & Design

We combine decades worth of experience strategy to put your plan of action together to apply your company's unique offerings and branding to your digital presence.

web develpment

Web Development

Bringing your vision to life on the web and in apps to deliver your plan of action, ensuring services like Google and Bing have all the right details to serve your site optimally.



Unlock your brand's potential with BuddhaBeard's concise, strategic digital marketing consulting, tailored to navigate today's complex digital landscape with simplicity and clarity.


"We needed to bring our website into the 20th Century"

Ken Clarke, Trinity Life Ministry (Client)

Frequently Discussed Topics

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How much does a website cost?
We're big believers in self-reflection and viewing things from different perspectives. How much does your business stand to gain by establishing an effective online presence? Though not quite the same as opening a physical location, we weigh the importance to be nearly equal.
I've got a one-off web project that I need to outsource with a firm deadline...
Perfect! Firm deadlines and clear requirements are the basis of any of our projects. Short of promising the impossible, we’re confident we can help meet your deadline. Let's chat about your project, have those project requirements and any brand assets ready, please.
I have a website but I need to figure out a better way to manage it, can you help?
Often times the big name website publishing platforms attempt to make things so one-size-fits-all that it becomes too difficult to manage a basic website. We trim the fat from the beginning and ensure your authoring experience is lean, seamless and simple, tailored specifically to your needs with room to grow.
I just need a website...
Great - that's our speciality! The offerings, features and pricing vary based upon the complexity and utilities within your website. But we like to tell it like it is; our sites start at only $39/month after the initial investment to design, code and get your site up and running. Contact us to dive into your needs and get a quote on what that initial project cost and timeline might look like.

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